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"I believe the purpose of my work is to bring a sense of peace and serenity
into a world where chaos has become the norm."

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"The Children of Niger"

Is series of pastels I created in Niger, Africa, mostly in the village of Golmi during February, 1998. Some of the pastels were completed after my return home from photos I had taken while I was there. The entire series was finally completed in May, 1999. I meet a lot of children during my visit there, and befriended them through art. I taught them a lot of things they didn't know, and in turn they taught me about themselves. We spoke two different languages, but that did not prevent us from interacting with each other daily. They became my children, I fed them, I taught them, I cleaned their wounds, I loved them. Each time I look at a picture of them, I am reminded of all the different things we shared together. We became friends. They opened their souls to me, and showed me their world. Children, I find, are a rare and precious breed. They are the same all over the world. I have work with children for most of my life all with different social and economical back grounds and I have found that love is their strongest motivator. In these portraits and scenes I show these young men and women as they are.

How precious are the feet of the children that we meet...

Louise Cutler drawing a women in the village of Golmi (Africa)Louise Cutler drawing a women in the village of Golmi (Africa)

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