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"I believe the purpose of my work is to bring a sense of peace and serenetiy
into a world where chaos has become the norm."

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Media Kit / Exhibitions / Events

Retrospective Group Exhibit

Retrospective Group Exhibit
Bas Bleu Theatre Company Jan/Feb.
Artists receptions Friday January 8 and February 7 from 5-7.

The Gathering at the Studio

The Gathering at the Studio
Friday Jan 22
A Night of Art and Poetry Louise Cutler Studio event

New Outside the Studio Booth 709

Art Expo Booth S412
Harlem Fine Arts Show
Art Expo New York Art Business News Magazine

Press Release

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The Art of Fort Collins based artist Louise Cutler has been selected to be a part of Art Business News’ Top Emerging Artists of 2014. Her work will be featured in the fall 2014 issue of Art Business News.

Her work is known for its profound visual narrative and simplistic elegance that reveals the invisible within the visible. “Her stellar work reverberates with the wonderment of life!” Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York.

Louise Cutler is a Fort Collins based Creationist, artist, writer and sculptor. Her work is motivated by her desire to creates beauty that cultivates truth, peace and tranquility.” Ms Cutler works in acrylic, metal leaf, found objects and bronze. Her eclectic blend of cultures keeps her work fresh and comprehensive. Her art is often figurative with a semi realistic approach. She loves drawing people, faces and the clothed human form. Her desire for peace and harmony is echoed throughout her work, something that was hard to achieve growing up in a family of nine. “I believe the purpose of my paintings is to bring peace and serenity into a world were chaos has become the norm”. Ms Cutler feels that in order to understand ones humanity we must first look outside of self and into the eyes and struggles of others, only then will we find our true purpose. Mrs. Cutler has been an artist her entire life. And have shown her work throughout the US and Canada. She got her start professionally drawing portrait on the streets of Chicago with the local street artist.

Ms Cutler’s work will be a part of the “Artistic Eye on History” Exhibit at the Fort Collins Museum of Arts from July 25 –Sept. 28th.

Art Business News magazine has been the art industry news lead since 1977. Over 20,000 art industry professionals from around the world rely on it’s content. Art Business News is aligned with some of the world most important art events- including Artexpo, New York, the world largest fine art trade show, Décor Expo, Spectrum Miami, and Art San Diego.

Mrs. Cutler took home the. “SOLO Artist 2013” in New York.
She was chosen from over hundreds of participating Artexpo SOLO artist.

Louise Cutler’s blog “Returning Home a Winner” received rave reviews: “I think Louise’s blog is brilliant!” Linda Mariano Marketing and Licensing Specialist www.LM2Artmarketing.com, “This is wonderful! I'll publish it on our FB page for sure.” Christine Schrum Director of Social Media, Artexpo New York.

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Review for "Awakening the Spirit" Paintings.

From the AMSTERDAM WHITNEY Gallery's Curatorial Review Committee.

"The Review Committee was most impressed by your superb oeuvre which resonates with a a profound visual narrative and reveals the invisible within the visible. The artistic journey that you portray in your intriguing "Peace Offering" generated a profound sense of symbolism while reflecting an eternal universal message. We were particularly engaged by "Refreshing the Earth" with its movement of strong lines which revealed an exciting color palette and compelling tonal combinations. Your artistic vocabulary in "My Soul Waits" reflected a dynamic textural sense and powerful visceral shapes. We were enthralled by "Faith & Wisdom" which conveys your fine talent as well as a unique artistic vision of capturing the impalpable as you seize the essence of the emotional and physical experience. Our Committee salutes you on your compositions with their joie de vivre and marvelous positive energy. Your stellar work reverberates with the wonderment of life!"

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