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"I believe the purpose of my work is to bring a sense of peace and serenetiy
into a world where chaos has become the norm."

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Teaching Philosophy

My goal as a teacher is not to teach through the eyes of personal judgment, but through instructional fundamentals. By teaching the basic artistic foundations on which one can build, you allow the student to explore other avenues. I use my work as examples not idea to be copied. It is only used to inspire those in a pursuit of their own artistic self-discovery.

I do not base performance in class on my preconceived artistic qualities, but on the sincerity of heart for ones craft. Art in my opinion is not something to be graded or examined by others obscured mental judgment, but it is to be appreciated for the sheer reason it was created. My goal is to help develop creative thinkers, by allowing students to have control of their own ideas and concepts with some or little direction. This gives way to freedom of expression allowing for creativity to exist in the approach as well as in the results. By giving ideas or suggestions allows the student to build upon his/her own imagination. This gives complete control, pride, and an over all since of accomplishment to the student. It also helps the student to realize his/her potential by showing them that they can reach whatever goals they set for themselves, simple by thinking things through and closely examining the different avenues by which the goal can be reached.

Change is not brought about because of the way others view us, but how we view ourselves.
We are here to challenge the dreamer and inspire the believers.

So do not expect me to examine your creativity, I am only here to strengthen your ability and give you direction. I will challenge you to think outside the box and encourage you to break beyond your normal boundaries of thinking, to find your true voice. I am here only as a guide and a resource for information. I am at your service as you travel the roads of creative discovery.

- Louise Cutler

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